A Bed Bug Heat Treatment in Waltham Forest, London

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Bed bugs are persistent pests that are difficult to eradicate. They are becoming increasingly resistant to the ingredients in many insecticides, making them a challenge for pest controllers to eliminate. In this article, we will follow a heat treatment specialist as he carries out a bed bug treatment at a block of flats in Waltham Forest, London.

Identifying the Infestation

A customer in Waltham Forest, London, contacted the heat treatment specialist after experiencing itchiness from bites. Despite checking her bed, she could not find any signs of bed bugs. Over the phone, the specialist advised her on how to check for bed bugs and suggested washing her bed covers at a high temperature to see if the bites continued.

A few days later, the customer called back to report that the bites were still present, and she had found some red spots on her bed sheets that she believed were blood or squashed bed bugs. Upon inspection, the heat treatment specialist found signs of bed bug eggs in the bed base and some red spots on the sheet.

Bed Bugs on the Bed Frame in Waltham Forest, London

The Need for Treatment

Bed bugs can quickly move between rooms and hide in various places, including carpets, sofas, and cracks in skirting boards. They can also travel on humans or pets, which means they could have spread anywhere in the house. Therefore, the heat treatment specialist recommended treating the entire block of flats rather than just the area showing signs of infestation.

Preparing for the Treatment

To prepare for the bed bug heat treatment, the heat treatment specialist provided the customer with a preparation checklist. The customer followed the instructions and moved all items away from the walls of the room to allow the heat to circulate. Items that could not be heated were treated with insecticide before being taken away from the property.

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Bed Bug Heat Treatment Set-up in Waltham Forest, London

The Heat Treatment Process

The heat treatment specialist arrived at the property at around 8 am, using vans with no signage for discretion. They set up their diesel bed bug heater at the front of the property and ran a pipe up into the main bedroom, where they had initially identified the main infestation. They also ran pipes into other rooms and positioned fans to circulate the heat around the rooms.

Once the heater was running at full temperature, all windows and doors were closed to retain the heat. In around an hour, the property was up to 141 degrees Fahrenheit. The heat treatment specialist monitored the temperature using thermal cameras to look for cold spots and moved items where necessary to allow the heat to circulate.

The specialist monitored the temperature of each room for the next 4 hours, constantly checking for cold spots and moving items where necessary. During this time, they noticed bed bugs crawling around on the bed frame, looking for solace from the heat. However, they would not find any. The property was heated for a further hour to ensure that every bed bug, egg, and larvae was killed.

bed bug treatment in waltham forest london-bugs in bed frame

After Treatment

After the bed bug treatment, the heat treatment specialist turned off the heaters, removed the fans, and began to clear up. The house was still very warm, so they opened some windows and doors to allow it to cool down as much as possible. The customer was shocked to see how many dead bed bugs were on her bedroom floor and underneath the bed.


Heat treatment is an effective way to eliminate bed bugs and their eggs without using harmful chemicals. It is essential to treat the entire house rather than just the area showing signs of infestation to ensure that all bed bugs are eliminated. With proper preparation and execution, bed bug heat treatment can be successful in eradicating the infestation.

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