Bed Bug Heat Treatment in London – Making Preparations for Treatment

Bed Bug on Matress

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Bed Bug Heat Treatment – A Checklist for Treatment

Ever wondered where bed bugs come from? Ever wondered if you have bed bugs? Well today we take a look at why bed bug cases are on the rise in London and look at what we can do if we have a bed bug problem or think we have an infestation. Check for the signs of bed bugs here.

Over the past few years infestations of bed bugs have been on the rise. People are often confused about how bed bug infestations appear in their home and that’s why we are here to help.

Having a bed bug infestation in your bed or home does not mean you are dirty. Bed bugs can be easily transferred through contact with an infested area such as a hotel bed, a comfy sofa in a reception area or even a carpet.

Bed bugs can multiply very quickly laying up to 12 eggs each day and given they can travel around the house very quickly, it’s not surprising that infestations manifest themselves within any areas of your house.

If you spot any signs of bed bugs it is important that you contact us as soon as possible to avoid the spread.

We offer heat treatment for bed bugs, this is the most successful method for removing an infestation so it is highly recommended over traditional pesticide treatments.

In order to get the best results from the heat treatment we will require you to make the correct preparations for the treatment.

Bed Bug on Clothes
Bed Bug on Clothes

What is the heat treatment process?

The heat treatment works by heating the property to 141 degrees using our industrial heaters. Depending on access to the property we will either use diesel powered bed bug heaters or electric bed bug heaters.

While the property is heating up to the required temperature, we will use powerful fans to aggressively circulate the air to make sure the heat is spread throughout the whole area.

During the process, we will use thermal imaging cameras to check for areas where the heat is not reaching and move the heaters or fans as appropriate to ensure there are no cold spots where the bed bugs can hide.

How does heat treatment work?

The heat treatment works by effectively dehydrating the bed bugs, their eggs and larvae so they die.

It is not instant, the temperature must be maintained for a certain period of time to ensure they are all killed off.

Unlike traditional pesticides, at the end of the treatment the infestation will be immediately removed whereas with pesticides there is a waiting time for the chemicals to take effect.

Bed Bug on Matress
Bed Bug on Matress

How can I prepare for bed bug heat treatment?

Preparation for the heat treatment is key, you will need to carefully follow our checklist to make sure we have the best chance of a successful treatment.

You must vacate the property during the heat treatment.

For a full guide on what you should and should not do to prepare for treatment, please visit our website.

What should I do after bed bug heat treatment?

Once the treatment is complete and you return to your property you will find that it is still very hot inside so we recommend opening windows and doors to allow for cooling.

We will have moved smaller items such as bed covers, towels, blankets to allow for the heat to reach all corners of the room. This is normal so do not be alarmed if things are not where you left them.

We may have removed bed slats or bed bases to allow for access.

You will almost certainly find dead bed bugs on the floor and bed. You should immediately hoover and empty the bag.

It is recommended that you wash your bedding and towels etc. at 60 degrees to ensure you have removed any traces of bed bugs or eggs.

You will need to wash any items of clothing which were not treated – ie. Those which you are wearing or any that you took with you when you left.

Identifying Bed Bugs
Identifying Bed Bugs

How do I know the bed bugs won’t return after Bed Bug Heat Treatment?

With our heat treatments we do offer a 6 month guarantee. However, you must bear in mind that infestations can be brought into the home from places you visit.

If you visit somewhere and notice any signs of bed bugs, report it immediately and ensure you follow precautions before returning to your home.

What should I do if I think I have bed bugs?

If you are concerned about possible bed bug infestation, please contact a Bed bug heat treatment professional as soon as possible and we can help you identify a possible infestation.

You can use the contact page on our website to upload photos and we can assess them and offer advice on whether it looks like you have an infestation.

We have over 10 years of pest control experience and cover all areas of London, Hertfordshire, Essex, and Kent.

We are 5 star reviewed on Google reviews and offer a six month guarantee on all of our heat treatments.

Thank you for contacting us.

We will be in touch as soon as we can.

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