Checking for Bed Bugs in my London Hotel Room

London Hotel Room - How to check for Bed Bugs

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How to check for bed bugs in your hotel room

I have recently visited a hotel in London so I thought it would be a good opportunity to go through the process of checking your hotel room for bed bugs before accepting the room.

Why is it important to check for bed bugs when checking into a hotel?

As discussed in previous blogs, bed bug cases in London are on the rise and one of the many places you can pick up beg bugs from is your hotel room.

Hotels obviously have a high turnover of guests so as you would expect, this increases the opportunity for bed bugs to be transferred.

Arriving at the hotel

Upon arrival at the hotel, my first impressions are that it’s not the cleanest of hotels. You may be thinking that this is means that it is more likely to have bed bugs, but this is not the case.

As I approach my room, I am already planning how I am going to inspect the room for bed bugs.

On entering, my first impressions of the room, like the rest of the London hotel are that it’s a bit grubby.

Before entering the room, I leave my belongings outside the door. I may be being over cautious here, but I don’t want my bag being in the room while I check it.

London Hotel Room - How to check for Bed Bugs
London Hotel Room – How to check for Bed Bugs

Checking for Bed Bugs or The signs of Bed Bugs

My first job is to check the sheets for signs of bed bugs. I pull back the covers and inspect the sheets looking for any signs of bed bugs such as small red or brown spots. I use my torch to get a better look. I check under the pillows too.

There doesn’t appear to be any of the tell-tale signs of bed bugs, however the sheets are fresh, so this sort of thing is unlikely.

Next, I pull back the sheets to inspect the mattress and the bed frame. Here, I am looking for eggs and exoskeletons (this is where the nymph has shed to grow).

Once again, I use my torch to inspect the area. I can’t see any obvious signs of either, so I move onto inspecting the bed frame.

Here I am looking for the same thing and again I can’t see any signs of an infestation.

Next, I check he floor around the bed, using my torch again, looking for any exoskeletons.

Fortunately, I can’t see any exoskeletons and I only have check left to perform.

Using my credit card, I scrape the bed and use my torch to check for dead bed bugs. The bed looks clear, so I conclude that there is not bed bug infestation in my hotel room.

Checking the bed sheets for signs of bed bugs
Checking the bed sheets for signs of bed bugs

What to do after checking for bed bugs

Having carried out all of my checks, I am pleased that there doesn’t appear to be any signs of a bed bug infestation

I still exercise caution and follow some strict rules while staying in the hotel to ensure that I do not expose myself to the risk of transferring any bed bugs into my luggage or clothing.

Checking the bed frame for signs of bed bugs
Checking the bed frame for signs of bed bugs

Do’s and Don’ts when staying in a hotel

Do not:

• Leave clothes on the floor or even on furniture – Bed bugs will climb onto your clothing and you will take them home!
• Leave your suitcase or bag under your bed – Bed bugs love to crawl into bags or suitcases and hide until you get home!


• Leave your suitcase or bad in the luggage rack or wardrobe
• Check your sheets daily for signs of bed bugs
• Report any signs of bed bugs to hotel staff and request a new room (do not accept a room next to your room)
• Wash your clothes at high temperature (even if they are unworn)
• Remove everything from your suitcase or bag and vacuum it thoroughly before storing away (it’s preferable not to store it under your bed)

Checking your mattress for signs of bed bugs
Checking your mattress for signs of bed bugs

What to do if you think you have a bed bug infestation

If you are concerned about having a bed bug problem at home, you should contact a professional pest controller to help identify a possible infestation.

Bed Bug Heat Treatment are a bed bug treatment expert. We offer advice and can help you identify a potential problem. Please use our contact page where you can upload photos and we will contact you to discuss the next steps for treatment.

You can also read our other blogs which can help you identify signs of bed bugs and provide further information on bed bugs.

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