Diesel Heaters used for Heat Treatment of Bed Bugs

There are many types of heat machines used for bed bug treatment. We mainly use 3 types of heaters. These are Diesel heaters, Electric Heaters and Steam machines.

Our diesel heaters are very powerful and used in larger properties where we have good access and can easily locate the machinery outside the property.

We can use these heaters in properties with up to 3 floors by situating the heater outside the door and using ducting to direct the heat to the rooms being treated for bed bugs.

The diesel heaters can be slightly noisy but they can also reach a high temperature very quickly meaning the area being treated will be at the correct temperature to kill the bed bugs within a short period of time.

It also allows us to very easily maintain the high temperature for 6-8 hours or as long as required to ensure the bed bug infestation is dealt with.

We only use the highest quality equipment, and our equipment is regularly safety tested to ensure optimum performance.


Thermal Monitoring

As well as our specialist heaters we use thermal imaging technology to identify cold spots within the area.

This thermal monitoring means we do not miss any areas which could be infested. We also move smaller items when necessary to ensure that all areas are treated thoroughly.

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