Guide for Removing Bedbugs Using Heat Treatment in London

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This is a guide for removing bedbug using heat treatment which we undertook recently at a property in London. Firstly we will look at what bedbugs are and then go through the heat treatment process.

What are bedbugs?

Bedbugs are stubborn pests that pose a persistent challenge when it comes to extermination. With the increasing resistance of bedbugs to many pesticides, pest controllers face a formidable task in removing them. These small insects feed on human blood, as well as that of animals, and are typically reddish-brown in color, with a size similar to that of an apple seed. Bedbugs are known to conceal themselves in cracks and crevices, which makes them quite elusive and difficult to detect and eliminate. While beds are the most common hiding spot for bedbugs, they can also take refuge in other areas such as sofas, chairs, and even electrical outlets. Given their knack for survival, bedbugs are a growing menace to homeowners, renters, and travelers alike, with their control proving to be notoriously difficult.

What Should You do if You Think you Have Bedbugs?

Firstly, assuming you can see evidence of bedbugs, take some photos. If you are unsure what the look for, read our guide on the signs of bedbugs here. Next, contact us through our website (you can upload your photos) or for an urgent response simply call us on 0203 6001045. We cover London, Hertfordshire, Essex and Kent and offer a fully discrete service.

What Will Happen Next?

We will assess your photos and explain how to check for bedbugs and what signs to look for, including spots of blood on her bed covers. We will then ask you to carry out a further inspection for the signs bedbugs. We may also arrange a visit for assessment, but it is most likely you will be able to identify them and we can arrange for treatment as soon as possible.

What is the Process for Removing Bedbugs Using Heat Treatment?

Before we begin treatment, it is vital to prepare for bedbug heat treatment correctly. You will need to follow our checklist. We will require you to move certain items from the infested areas. Check our website for details on how to prepare for bedbug heat treatment.

On the day of the treatment, we will arrive at approximately 8am. We will check the items such as laptops and small electrical equipment that cannot be heated and treat them with insecticide before removing them from the property during treatment.

Depending on the size and location of the rooms which require treatment, we will use our small electric bedbug heaters which are used in situations where we cannot use our diesel heaters. Our diesel bedbug heaters are very powerful and used in larger properties where we have good access and can easily locate the machinery outside the property.

Once the heaters are running, we will close all windows and doors. 

Within approximately an hour the property will be up to around 140 degrees Fahrenheit and we will use industrial fans to agitate the air and circulate the heat around ensuring it reaches all corners of the room.

We continue to heat the room to maintain the temperature and we use our thermal heat cameras to check for cold spots within the rooms. We may have to move some smaller items around to ensure the bedbugs cannot escape the heat.

We continue to monitor the temperature of each room for the next 3-4 hours, continually checking for cold spots using our thermal imaging cameras. We may move some smaller items to allow the heat to circulate properly.

After a short while we will notice bedbugs crawling around, they have come out of their hiding place and are looking for sanctuary from the heat. You can watch videos of this here.

Within 15 minutes, the bedbugs start to dehydrate and die. The heat also dehydrates the eggs and larvae which breaks the life cycle of the bedbugs.

We continue to maintain the temperature to the room for a further hour to ensure that every bedbug, egg and larvae is killed.

What Happens After the Heat Treatment?

After the treatment is complete, we turn off our heat machine, removed our fans and clear up. The room will still be very hot, so we will open the windows and doors to allow it to cool.

On your return to the property, we are able to show you the dead bedbugs and you will see the extent of the infestation. Sometimes there are only fifteen to twenty bugs but often there are many more and in severe infestations there can be hundreds!

Once the treatment is complete, we offer a 6-month guarantee, so if any signs of bedbugs are noticed we will return to re-treat the property.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bedbug Treatment

It’s natural that you will be apprehensive about removing bedbugs using heat treatment so we offer free advice and our website covers most of the frequently asked questions here. 

We are always available to discuss your concerns and provide support.

Is Heat the best Method of Bedbug Treatment?

Of course, there are alternative methods for removing bedbugs and you should explore the options available to you. You can read our post on the most effective method of bedbug treatment here.

Heat treatment is a relatively new method of for removing bedbugs but has proven to be the most successful treatment due to its ability to reach places that chemicals cannot. It has also become popular due to concerns around using harsh chemicals in your home around children and pets.

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