How do you know if you have bed bugs? Find out here with our Frequently Asked Questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know if you have a bed bugs?

If you feel bites on your skin, this may be a sign of having Bed Bugs. You might find small brown spots on your bedding or furniture  and this could be their faeces. You may also find spots of blood on your bedding, these could be from the bites or from squashing a bug.

How can I check the area for bed bugs?

Use a flat edged object to scrape the area of the bed and you may see eggs or poo. Bed bugs are only 4-7mm and brown so you will see them with the naked eye. You could also try using a torch to look for bugs or eggs.

What causes bed bugs?

Bed bugs can be easily transported in clothing, luggage or any soft surfaces. They could also come from infested secondhand furniture. They can move easily around buildings, so they are very hard to control.

What do bed bugs look like?

They are small, reddish to brown insects that feed on blood by biting humans and pets. They are nocturnal insects and can hide themselves very well in all sorts of objects.

Will bed bugs only live in my bed?

Unfortunately, not, they can easily spread from room to room and eventually infest a whole property. Surprisingly, they can travel up to 70 metres in an hour!

How do they breed?

Females can lay up to 5 eggs a day. The eggs are tiny and barely 1mm long.

What are the early signs of bed bugs?

Reddish stains on bedding caused by bed bugs being crushed. Eggs and eggshells or pale yellow skin which nymphs shed during growth.

Where do bed bugs hide?

They often hide in cracks or crevices within bed frames, mattresses and headboards. They can also hide under furniture, in your carpet and wooden flooring.

How effective is heat treatment?

Heat treatment is 100% effective. Unlike traditional treatments it will kill the eggs ensuring that the life cycle is broken.

How long does the Heat Treatment take?

Heat treatment for bed bugs can take put to 6 hours depending on the sizer of your property. 

Should I try to kill the bed bugs before you come?

No. Do not try to kill the bed bugs yourself. Do not use any insecticides as this can make things worse. Leave it to the Bed Bug professional.

Will the heat treatment damage my things?

There are certain things which shouldn’t be heated, but you should not remove them as they could contain bed bugs or their eggs. See our page on how to prepare for heat treatment.

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