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Bed bugs (Cimex lectularius) are one of the most persistent and difficult interior pest in the world. If you have ever had bed bugs, you will know, it’s an experience you’ll never forget. That’s where bed bug heat treatment is needed!

Bed bugs are very common in London and most major cities as these densely populated environments attract them due to the availability of food and their ability to spread easily between households.

Here we will try to guide you through what to do if you think you have bed bugs and the best practice for dealing with these persistent pests.

What is the Best Preparation for Bed Bug Treatment?

When it comes to treating bed bugs, preparation is key. It is vital that all bedding and clothing is laundered at high temperature.

Your rooms must be de-cluttered to reduce the number of potential hiding places for bed bugs as once we begin the heat treatment bed bugs will seek solace in any hiding place they can find.

Bed bug heat treatment set-up London
Bed bug heat treatment set-up London

How Long Does It Take To Get Rid of Bed Bugs?

Usually, one heat treatment is enough to remove a bed bug infestation, however for severe infestations a second treatment may be required.

Bed bugs like to hide everywhere. They can burrow inside mattresses, into gaps behind skirting boards, behind picture frames, in clothing, in carpets, in sofas and other soft furnishing and even in your bags. This can make them difficult to remove but the advantage of heat treatment is that it can reach all these places.

A single heat treatment will usually take around 4-6 hours depending on the property size and how well prepared it is.

How Long After Heat Treatment Do the Bed Bugs Die?

Heat treatments kills bed bugs by dehydrating them, therefore once the heat has been applied for a few hours the bugs will immediately die.

The other advantage of heat treatment is that it will also kill the eggs breaking the life cycle of the bed bugs.

Chemical treatments can be quicker but do not always can reach the areas which heat can.

How Do We Get Infested with Bed Bugs? 

Bed bugs have been around for millions of years and over that time have evolved to be able to survive in the harshest environments. They have also become experts at hiding undetected in our property and clothing meaning they can travel great distances and spread easily.

They are tiny creatures and almost invisible to the naked eye, especially at night-time which is when they tend to come out to feed. They can also survive for long periods of time without food meaning they don’t need to come out very often.

Bed bugs have also evolved to be able to feed on most living things so they don’t just rely on humans but can feed from our pets and even mice!

Bed bugs have developed resistance to many modern chemicals which is why chemical treatments are not always effective against them.

How Do Bed Bugs Know Where to Feed? 

Bed bugs can detect humans by the seeking out the carbon dioxide we exhale as we breathe using their antennae. They only approach us at night-time when they feel it is safe and we are asleep.

They feed by injecting a numbing agent into our skin, this stops us feeling pain while they suck our blood! This generally leaves a raised bump on the skin which can become itchy.

How Do Bed Bugs Travel Around? 

As discussed earlier in this article, bed bugs are tiny and can easily hide in our personal belongings. They frequently travel in our luggage or clothing then hop out when we arrive and begin reproducing.

Hotels are a bed bug hot spot with visitors coming and going so frequently and they can easily hide in clothing or luggage left on the floor or bed.

Bed bugs also travel in second-hand furniture, so if you buy a second hand sofa beware!

Bed Bug on Skin
Bed Bug on Skin

How Often Do Bed Bugs Feed?

Bed bugs will generally feed at night-time when it is dark as they can hide more easily, and their prey or host is usually asleep.

They do not need to feed every night, or even every week but they cannot develop to the next stage of their life cycle without consuming a blood meal so they will need to feed around 6 times before they become a fully-fledged adult and are able to reproduce.

Surprisingly, bed bugs can survive a year or more without feeding!

Which Insecticide Kills Bed Bugs?

As we have said in a previous section, many insecticides are no longer fully effective against bed bugs. 

If your pest controller uses an insecticide it will need to be pyrethroid-free concentrations. A well know chemical which does often prove effective against bed bugs is Metofluthrin

How Does Heat Treatment for Work?

Heat treatment for bed bugs is a modern method of treatment. It is a slightly more expensive method as it is time consuming, but it is proven to be much more effective at killing an infestation than traditional treatments using chemicals alone. 

Heat treatment works by heating the room to 141 degrees. This kills the bed bugs due to dehydration. In order for the treatment to work effectively, the temperature of the whole room needs to be maintained for up to 6 hours. The room also needs to be checked for cold spots to ensure there is nowhere for the bugs to hide.

Heat treatment is thought to be 100% effective as it also kills the nymphs and eggs, therefore most heat treatment companies offer a guarantee with their treatment.

Will I Need to Replace My Mattress?

You do not always need to throw away your mattress if you have had bed bugs. Heat Treatment will kill any bed bugs which have infested it. You may want to replace your mattress if you feel it is necessary for peace of mind.

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