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Contacting a Moth Exterminator to Eradicate Moths with heat is the most effective way to remove an infestation. Using the latest thermal treatment will kill them instantly.

Heat Treatment for Moths also kills their eggs eradicating the infestation ensuring that the life cycle is broken.

During the process, we use thermal technology to monitor the temperature of the area being treated ensuring we kill every last moth.

Moth Eaten Carpet

Heat Treatment for Moths

There are other clothes moth treatments available, however none are as effective as thermal extermination to get rid of these persistent pests.

Over the years moths have become resistant to pesticides traditionally used by many pest controllers. And with the world becoming more conscious of the effects of chemicals on the environment, heat treatment has become the most effective way to remove a clothes moth infestation. 

Unlike traditional methods of treatment, heat treatment kills the moths and their eggs which can be in clothes, carpets and other areas of the home.

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What are Clothes Moths

There are different types of moths and each causes a different problem. The most common type are Clothes Moths and these will damage clothes and carpets. They tend to lurk in dark places and are often hard to spot.

It is actually the larvae or moth caterpillars which make holes in fabrics as the feed and grow into moths.

Carpet Moth Treatment

Identifying Moths or a Moth Infestation

Clothes moths are around 6-8mm long, they are a straw colour and do not have any distinguishing markings. Clothes moth larvae look like small caterpillars with a white body and grown head, they can be up to 10mm long.

If you think you have a moth problem it is best to call a moth exterminator as soon as possible as the problem can quickly become very serious.

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