What is the Success Rate of Bed Bug Heat Treatment?


Our Success Rate of Bed Bug Removal is 100% Guaranteed

We are often asked about the success rate of our bed bug heat treatment.

There are many treatments available, but none offer the success rate of heat treatment. This is purely due to the coverage that heat treatment can offer.

Unlike spraying, heat will find it’s way into every crack where bed bugs could be hiding and where they have laid their eggs. We also aggresively circulate the heat using industrial fans. During the treatment we check for cold spots using thermal imaging to ensure that nothing is missed.

Most pest controllers will use alternative treatments that will not kill the eggs meaning that within a few weeks the bed bugs will return. Heat treatment kills the eggs and larvae which is why we have such a good success rate for bed bug removal.

Can Bed Bugs Survive After Heat Treatment

The heat causes the Bed Bugs and the eggs to Dehydrate due to exposure to a high temperature for a sustained period of time. The heat also kills the larvae meaning the infestation will not return. Our heat machines and technology ensure that we do not miss anything giving us a 100% success rate.

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