What Should you do if you stay in a Hotel Which has Bed Bugs?

Bed Bug crawling on matress

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Staying in hotels is one of the most common causes of bed bug encounters. Although these tiny creatures are often difficult to spot, there are signs you can look out for during your hotel stay. While staying in a hotel, keep an eye out for signs of bed bugs. It’s crucial to know what to look for to identify their presence accurately. For a detailed guide on recognizing these signs, check our website here.

Don’t Panic if the Hotel Has Bed Bugs

Discovering bed bugs in your hotel room can be alarming, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll bring them home with you. If you suspect the hotel room has bed bugs, follow these steps to reduce the chances of transporting them back with you. Report your findings and ask for a new room immediately and keep your luggage away from the bed and off the floor.

Cleaning and Treating Your Belongings

When returning home from a hotel stay where you suspect bed bugs, it’s crucial to take appropriate measures to prevent an infestation at home.

Washing Clothing and Towels

Immediately upon arrival, place all washable items in a garbage bag and take them directly to the washing machine. Follow specific washing instructions to eliminate any potential bed bugs.

Dealing with Non-Washable Items

Certain items like toiletries, shoes, or jewellery cannot be washed. Keep them isolated outside until you can carefully inspect and treat them.

Using Heat or Cold to Eliminate Bed Bugs

Heat and cold can be effective in killing bed bugs in non-washable items. Learn how to apply heat or cold treatment safely and efficiently. Place items in a sealed plastic bag and leave outside in the sun for a few hours or place items in the freezer for 24 hours to kill any bed bugs.

Caution with At-Home Insecticides

At-home insecticides are available on the market, but they should be used with caution. Conduct thorough research before applying any chemicals to your belongings.

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